• Vineyard and Winery Update

    It is now coming to the end of October 2019.

    In the vineyard we have continued to have overcast days which has seen the shoots of the vines grow steadily. We have sprayed out our first compost teas and will continue to do so every fortnight for the remainder of the growing season. When walking through the vineyard the the day after the spraying of teas the vine leafs appear more robust and with a darker green colour which is such a positive sign and indication of an improvement in the vines health.

    In the winery we continue working our way through tasting barrels to assemble our final blends that we wish to bottle shortly. I honestly find this the most difficult part of the year as it actually takes so much concentration and attention to every detail to ensure the final blends are of the quality we strive for.

    We have also been creating new art work for some new releases collaborating with a local artist Jess Jarvie. Her water paintings are so beautiful and captured our attention after we saw them advertised as part of an up coming exhibition. We are really thrilled to see the end results and believe they work so well with delivering a ” From the Earth” feel, which we also inspire to do with our farming and wine making.


  • October 2019 and the season starts

    Having had some great rain falls towards the very end of winter we have commenced Spring with excitement as the vineyard awakes and we are into the 2019-2020 season.

    Bud burst across the vineyard has been consistent with new shoots in every variety even Cabernet Sauvignon which is usually the last to burst in Spring.

    This year we have pruned to very low bud numbers with the thought that we may be in for a warm growing season. We are not wanting our vines to be stressed during the peaks of summer and possible ow rainfalls. The reduction in grape bunches will facilitate that we achieve phenolic ripeness as harvest time. This in turn allows for the resultant wines to have a finesse along with a rounded tannin structure.

    There has been some long hours on the shovel digging out black berries between vines as we continue to strive to be as sustainable as we can.

    We are having our annual Spring Open Weekend on the weekend of the 19 th and 20th of October, all are invited to enjoy the weekend with us.

    Currently in the winery we are doing bench trials of all wines that have spent the winter in barrel, with the intention to commence bottling shortly.

    We hope to see or hear from you soon.


  • 2019 Vintage in review

    The 2019 vintage reminded us that fundamentally we are farmers who are in the hands of Mother Nature. This growing season and vintage has been one of the steepest learning curves our family has experienced. We were faced with new challenges and through these experiences, we have come out much better and wiser.
    We ventured into some unfamiliar territories, with quite different experiences and therefore lots of thorough testing. The resultant fruit quality was brilliant, even with the extremely low rainfalls during the growing season. Our grapes ended up delivering intense flavour profiles and tannin structure and we are seeing this flowing nicely through to the wines that have been placed into barrel.
    The lower rainfalls meant we witnessed more wildlife in the vineyard than we have ever seen before. They were searching for water and of course our grapes were a key source of this. With an appreciation that these animals required a source of water and food, we came to a decision to sacrifice a part of the vineyard, where the wildlife could gather and we would not try and scare them away. This proved to be a blessing in some ways, as it concentrated the wildlife to one section of the vineyard during the harvest period and retained our fruit quality through the rest.
    I actually feel as though we went through an intensive boot camp over the last 8 months. It was a huge learning curve, but we are now super ready and resourced to take on anything in future growing and vintage seasons.
  • We have finished our pruning for 2018

    I feel that this may be one of the most important tasks we can do in the vineyard in a season.

    Prior to starting our pruning we look back at:

    -The wines we produced the vintage prior and if there is anything we can improve via pruning.

    This could be by pruning the vine in a way that leaves less shoots and hence less grapes that a vine will produce so that the vine is not over stressed during the growing period.

    – The amount of rain and days over 30 degrees we had in the past vintage

    We look at this to understand the possible trends of rainfall over the up coming months and how possibly the vine will react to these dry and hot spells.

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  • Grape Vines are now flowering

    We are heading into December and the majority of the vineyard is completing the process of flowering whereby tiny grapes are now being formed.

    It is always important that during this short period of time where the flowering is occurring that the weather is not too severe.

    In saying this we have had some of the warmest days for some time along with some amazing rain events though

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  • Spring Is Near

    With the temperatures in the soil and the vineyard warming we are now starting to see evidence of the new growth appearing from our vines. This then is the start of another growing season and another vintage to learn more. We have had wonderful rain in August even better than the figures from August 2016. Our soils appear to have been adequately watered awaiting the summer to come.

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  • Pruning is upon us

    Now that all the leaves have naturally fallen from the dormant vines, we are commencing to prune the vineyard. This is a very labor intensive process and requires a good understanding of the different pruning techniques that have been predominantly unchanged for decades. These techniques are usually founded on the variety and how healthy the

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