• We have finished our pruning for 2018

    I feel that this may be one of the most important tasks we can do in the vineyard in a season.

    Prior to starting our pruning we look back at:

    -The wines we produced the vintage prior and if there is anything we can improve via pruning.

    This could be by pruning the vine in a way that leaves less shoots and hence less grapes that a vine will produce so that the vine is not over stressed during the growing period.

    – The amount of rain and days over 30 degrees we had in the past vintage

    We look at this to understand the possible trends of rainfall over the up coming months and how possibly the vine will react to these dry and hot spells.

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  • Grape Vines are now flowering

    We are heading into December and the majority of the vineyard is completing the process of flowering whereby tiny grapes are now being formed.

    It is always important that during this short period of time where the flowering is occurring that the weather is not too severe.

    In saying this we have had some of the warmest days for some time along with some amazing rain events though

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  • Spring Is Near

    With the temperatures in the soil and the vineyard warming we are now starting to see evidence of the new growth appearing from our vines. This then is the start of another growing season and another vintage to learn more. We have had wonderful rain in August even better than the figures from August 2016. Our soils appear to have been adequately watered awaiting the summer to come.

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  • Pruning is upon us

    Now that all the leaves have naturally fallen from the dormant vines, we are commencing to prune the vineyard. This is a very labor intensive process and requires a good understanding of the different pruning techniques that have been predominantly unchanged for decades. These techniques are usually founded on the variety and how healthy the

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