How we started

It was in a small village named Semi Vicoli located in Abruzzo Italy during the 1930’s that our family established the original vineyard. During the periods post the second world war the family left their hometown and migrated to Australia. There was a period of time where new homes in a new country were sought and the passion for farming had to wait.

The choice to set up our vineyards in Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley were due to the diversity in climatic conditions of the two areas.
We were after an area that we could have some control on the growing conditions our vines would be subjected to as it was paramount they were not overly stressed during their growing period. The Mornington Peninsula fulfilled our requirements with it’s maritime growing conditions and cooling afternoon ocean breezes and the Yarra Valley for its mountanous terrain.

The Future

One of our current projects is that we are trialling a number of different Sangiovese clones in an endeavour to discover the most suitable clone to produce high quality Chianti influenced wines.

GIAMMARINO statement

A wine making journey crossing two continents.


A Glimpse of Reds

  • Pinot
  • Sangiovese