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Wine Making

Dino Giammarino has been exposed to vineyards and wine making since the age of 6. Recently he has taken over more of the wine making duties whilst his parents Vittoria and Nicoletta Giammarino meticulously attend to the vineyard. It is truly our belief that our wines are a reflection of the efforts we put into the vineyard each year along with emphasis we place on the health of our soils which are the life line to our vines.

Our Methods

Where possible we make all efforts to utilise gravity to move our wines from ferment tanks to press, to barrels to bottling line in an effort to preserve all the aromas and palate qualities obtained through each process.

Our Barrels

The choice of barrels is such a paramount one when wine making. The balance between the barrels we choose to utilise and the final expression of our wines after spending 10-12 months in these barrels is a delicate balance.

Hand Harvest

With the amount of effort we place in the vineyard through out the entire year, when the fruits of our dedicated work are to ready to be harvested we choose to hand harvest all of our grapes. The diversity of conversations between pickers on these days makes it worth while as people who have not met each other before get to introduce them selves and hopefully make new companions from the day.

Our Helpers

Our vineyard relies so heavily on the belief and assistance of others, who help us attend to the vineyard needs. We have a wonderful group of people that devote their energies to keeping our farm as sustainable as possible.