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Finest Nebbiolo in Australia | Yarra Valley's Best Vineyards | Giammarino Wines

Finest Nebbiolo in Australia | Yarra Valley's Best Vineyards | Giammarino Wines

With an Italian background and a passion for Nebbiolo, our brand voice captures the essence of Italian heritage that is at the heart of our wines. We want to communicate with an authentic yet modern flair that showcases the unique characteristics and flavours that Nebbiolo can provide.

Our tone of voice should be simultaneously approachable and informative. We are an established winery and have cultivated a loyal following over the years, so we want to preserve and enhance that connection with our customers. At the same time, however, we want newcomers to feel welcome and be drawn in by our story.

We use technical language and descriptive terms to help accomplish this delicate balance of approachability and authority. We explain wine concepts in simple yet precise terms that are easy for both seasoned and novices to understand. We also use colourful language that captures the nuances of flavour, aroma, and texture of Nebbiolo in a way that entices people's palates.

Overall, we strive to communicate with an approachable yet authoritative tone that helps build trust between us and our customers. We want them to feel like part of our unique Italian family and be inspired to enjoy a glass of Nebbiolo with us. By combining modern and traditional styles, we can create a brand voice that captures the essence of our wines for generations to come.

We use social media as an essential platform to communicate our brand voice. Our posts contain informative content about upcoming events, new vintages, and recipes that pair wonderfully with our wines. We share stories of Italian heritage alongside captivating visuals to add depth to each post.

Lastly, we use humour and wit in our posts to connect with people on a more personal level. Humour helps keep things light and allows us to engage with customers in a fun and friendly manner.

Authentic Flair is at the heart of our brand voice, allowing us to communicate with customers in a way that puts them first and shows that we genuinely care about their experience. Through consistent yet creative content, we can craft an authentic yet modern tone that resonates with people personally and professionally.

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